Advertising Partners

In addition to providing our valued readership with the most informative, educational, and engaging content we possibly can, ILE also strives to provide our advertising partners with as much promotional value and visibility as they can get—either in print, online, or both.

ILE provides a unique opportunity for companies of all sizes to connect in a variety of ways—through the print publication distributed to a targeted list of subscribers, an ever-expanding online platform geared specifically towards gaining traction in the lifting and material-handling marketplace, and via multiple social media channels.

Our goal is to continuously build and maintain a publication and accompanying digital presence that brings companies in the lifting and material-handling industry closer to the products, ideas, and issues they care about, and puts them in touch with both customers and each other in a way that creates long-term relationships and sustainable productive value. We endeavor to team up with industry businesses and brands to find ways to advance shared interests, spotlight big ideas, and explore new opportunities. 

ILE brings a fresh editorial perspective, cutting-edge design and layout, and well-developed, meaningful content to both the print and digital publication platforms.   

Interested in advertising with ILE? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We offer package rates for print and online advertising. Join the list of established advertising partners already working with ILE, and start driving your business success through our promotional channels today!

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